Monday, April 14, 2008

Preventing the Kindergarten Readiness Gap

Dear Education Leaders and Supporters:

As we implement multiple strategies to meet state standards and “leave no child behind,” we cannot ignore the readiness skills of our future students. Forty percent of children walk into kindergarten already one to three years behind. What happens in the early learning years, long before a child enters kindergarten, has a profound impact on his or her future education.

Educators want to get out of the remediation business because it doesn’t work well and it is very costly. Early intervention is a powerful strategy, such as offering READY! for Kindergarten classes for parents and primary caregivers of children birth to age five. The READY! for Kindergarten program focuses on fun family activities that lead to school readiness. Over 50 school districts are benefiting from this approach.

You and your colleagues are invited to attend a one-day seminar presented by the National Children’s Reading Foundation. The attached brochure contains all of the information. Please join us to discover the unexpected research and practical options for narrowing and eliminating the readiness gap before students enter kindergarten.

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From the National Children's Reading Foundation